I am moving, what should I do?

Pioneer Telephone will be happy to assist you in transferring your service to your new home and phone #. To make this transaction go smoothly, it is recommended that you provide us with approx. 2 weeks notice. In order to better assure accuracy and provide documentation, please send an email to MAC@Pioneertelephone.com and include the following information:
Account #:
Current Phone #:
Date that this line will be disconnected:
New Phone #:
Date to become active:
Who is the local carrier, providing you with dial tone?
Do you want In and Out of State service?
New Physical Address:
If you do not have access to email, you may fax a request to 1-800-646-5080, or mail a written request to:

Pioneer Telephone, 39 Darling Avenue, South Portland, ME 04106

If only your physical address is changing you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-808-9000 .

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