Does Pioneer sell or release my email address or any of my personal information?

Pioneer Telephone keeps all customer information, given upon sign up, private and confidential. We do not release or sell either the customer’s physical or mailing address and/ or email address to any other company for advertisement or any other purpose. All credit card information is also kept secure in our Pioneer files. Pioneer Telephone does however reserve the right to expose a customer’s information under reasonable circumstances listed below. Pioneer Telephone reserves the right to release any customer information to a collection agency when a bill has gone unpaid for several months and the customer has neglected to contact us in regards to their owed balance. If their account has remained delinquent and the customer has been sent to collection, Pioneer Telephone will release that information to the local carrier and possibly to any other telephone service provider. Pioneer Telephone will also release any if not all customer information if an issue of fraud has been brought to the attention of our company by the Network we use, Global Crossing. The discharge of a customer’s information in this situation is done in the manner to resolve any issues surrounding the fraud in question. If a customer signs up for a business account then their information is released for credit checking purposes only. If none of these situations occur in the relationship between the customer and Pioneer Telephone then none of the information on the account will be released, as noted above. All rights to release any information, as listed above, can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

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