What types of 800 or toll free numbers are there?

All types of 800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers or TFN’s can begin with 800, 866, 877, or 888. The first type is a “Random TFN”. You allow us to pick the next available number. This is the easiest and quickest type to acquire. The second type is a “Vanity TFN”. You are picking a number that you would like to have. Because it needs to be available, if you pick one on your initial order, we may need to contact you for other possible numbers. You may want to save some set up time by emailing us and letting us know you have placed an order for a vanity number and provide us with your alternate numbers. The third type is a “Ported (or transferred) TFN”. If you already have a TFN with another carrier, you can port it to Pioneer Telephone.

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