What is the Difference Between Intralata and Interlata?

Local Access Transport Area also called Service areas by some telephone companies. It’s a local (one of approximately 196) geographical areas in the US within which a local telephone company may offer telecommunications services-local or long distance.

INTRALATA is also known as “local toll” or “local long distance.” These are calls that originate and terminate in the same Local Access Transport Area (LATA), but still require a 1 + in order to complete them. Your local carrier is allowed by law to reserve a geographic area (not more than 50 miles) around your home for intralata calls NOT passed to your long distance carrier. These areas (in some localities called “zones”) are typically listed in the front of your local phone book.

INTERLATA call: A call that is placed within one LATA (Local Access Transport Area) and received in a different LATA. These calls are carried by a long distance company.