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Pioneer Customers have saved over $1,003,206,851! Since 1994 Pioneer has helped business and residential customers save on their phone bill. Over $1,003,206,851 in savings to date, and we are just getting started. Connect with Pioneer today and start saving. Pioneer Customers save big!
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Welcome to Pioneer Telephone!

Commitment to Service

Pioneer Telephone is a privately-owned company that is invested in its employees and committed to the community. Pioneer offers first class customer service, straightforward billing, and honest pricing. A long time leader in long distance, toll free, and calling card services, Pioneer Telephone now offers local phone service.

From our highly trained field technicians to the team of experienced customer care representatives in our office, you will never want for quality service. We pride ourselves on providing our valued customers with nothing but superior attention to detail, quick responses and a professional experience every time.

Whether you are a prospective customer calling with a list of questions, a small business owner looking to take your data and phone service to the next level, or an existing customer wondering about the best option for calling your sister who just moved to Italy, Pioneer Telephone will treat your individual needs with personalized care and professional service.

Pioneer Telephone has been at the forefront of long distance innovation, worked towards better plans, low rates and more modern phone features over the last twenty years. Through all this, we have never lost sight of our top priority–our customers’ satisfaction.